New Support, New Plugin, and New Billing!

Some great news and updates for you as we continue to enhance CircuPress. We encourage everyone to download the latest plugin, which has a number of changes that will help make the platform easier to send that first email with!

  • The plugin makes finding templates much easier. We used to list all templates for the On Demand emails or the Scheduled digests… but you really wouldn’t want to mix these up. Now we scan the file name and filter the On Demand list of templates to only those that will work properly… and the same with the scheduled digests.
  • The support has been updated to a new vendor where we can track issues, develop a knowledge base, and even have you suggest and vote on new features. You can also sign into support with your CircuPress credentials to make things easy!
  • Billing is officially ready! For those of you that have been with us since we launched, we didn’t want to charge until we were confident of the quality of the email output and our deliverability were great. They are! Be sure to sign in and enter your details so your ability to send emails isn’t interrupted.


  1. Troy

    Moving “users” in CircuPress.. Currently my subscribers sit in Users. How do I integrate (ahhhhhhhhhh! there’s that word, without having to drop them into the plug in manually?

    1. We’re testing a submission form process right now where you can do a postback to a page on CircuPress. Are you looking for something like that, or an add/import API?

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