Please Upgrade Your Plugin to 1.13

We found and corrected some additional issues with this minor version update.  The largest bug was an issue where the widget was auto-submitting upon the page load so folks were getting an error that the email address was missing… without anyone actually clicking submit.  This is now corrected with this […]

Round 1: WordPress Plugin Updates

Just want to provide everyone with an update. The folks at WordPress did a detailed review of the plugin and provided some updates that should be made prior to release. We finished up those last night and will be re-submitting the plugin for review today. It required us to rewrite […]

Over 100,000 Emails Sent

We’ve been ramping our our MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents) here at CircuPress in preparation for our limited launch. Thus far our sender scores are on par with any major Email Service Provider.  The hazard of being a low-cost email service is the attraction of the service to Spammers.  Our unique […]