Putting the Final Touches on our Plugin!

We’ve been working night and day for the last few weeks putting the final touches on the plugin. While the infrastructure took years to fine tune, the challenge with the plugin is to ensure that anyone familiar with WordPress can open the CircuPress menu and send an email within a few minutes.

In addition, we wanted to provide ways for WordPress users to easily integrate subscription forms. The great news is you don’t have to make a form, cut and paste a form, or figure out really anything since we’ve fully integrated CircuPress with WordPress.

There are three ways to display your email subscription forms using CircuPress:

  • Sidebar Widget – Just drag and drop the CircuPress widget to your sidebar!
  • Shortcode – Easily embed a form in a page or post through the editor using the CircuPress Shortcode. Syntax: You can set a horizontal or vertical layout, including the style tag.<?php echo wpcp_circupressform( 'buttontext=>"Subscribe!", style=>"margin: 10px;", layout=>"horizontal"', $content='Subscribe Today!' ); ?>
  • Template Function – Embed a form in your theme template as well. Syntax: You can set a horizontal or vertical layout, including the style tag.
    [circupress buttontext="Subscribe!" layout="horizontal" style="width:500px"]Be sure to sign up for updates![/circupress]

We’ll be submitting the plugin to the WordPress Repository soon and are even speaking with the folks at Automattic to see about doing a code review with us! It’s incredibly important that we have the team at Automattic impressed.

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