Parsing First and Last Name from Full Name with Excel

Many systems store a full name instead of a first and last name. This can be a bit of a pain when you want to export your data and import it into a new system like CircuPress. You can actually do this easily using formulas from Excel!

Download your data with the Full Name in the A Column. Then add 2 additional columns – First Name (B) and Last Name (C). For the equation in first name, reference the full name and grab everything to the left of the first space in the cell:


For the Last Name, you want to take everything from the right of the space in the Full Name field:

=TRIM(IFERROR(MID(A2,FIND(" ",A2,1),LEN(A2)),""))

Drag each of the formulas down until you have every row covered (you can typically double-click on the square on the bottom right of the highlighted cell to do this. Once every field is populated, select the columns, copy them, and then Paste Special and select values. That will replace the formulas with the values so you can save the extract as a CSV file.

Open the CSV file, copy the text, and import it! You’re done!

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