New Video, New Site, New Feature!

We’ve surpassed over 500 downloads and our customers have already sent over 250,000 emails… wow! And we’re just ramping up our marketing efforts. When you get a chance, check out our new WordPress site:


Don’t miss our incredible video, either! We developed the script and the animation was done by Yum Yum Videos through a partnership with DK New Media.

And… we’ve added a new feature for you! You already knew that we optimized Slideshare, Vimeo and YouTube videos. Adam has actually developed the back-end to optimize ANY embedded iframe that’s within your content. As a result, we can handle virtually anything. We’re looking to see what else we’ll be able to do with these features!

Also being worked on is our billing – so take advantage of the system while we complete testing. We’re utilizing PayPal as the back-end payment system so that your information will be safe and secure.

Last note: If you need assistance setting up CircuPress or even customizing your template, please let us know. We’re working hard on some plugin changes that make things easier. Once a template is setup, no other work is needed. We realize for non-WP techies the templates can be a little tough. More features will be coming for that!

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