Template Substitution Strings

There are times when you need to add dynamic information into your CircuPress templates. We use an approach similar to other platforms where you can insert a string encapsulated in percentage signs to be inserted at time of delivery.

Our substitution strings are:

  • %%EMAIL%% – this will insert the subscribers email address
  • %%HEADER%% – The URL of the Header Image
  • %%FIRST_NAME%% – Inserts the First Name of the Recipient or clears if the First Name isn’t available
  • %%LAST_NAME%% – Inserts the Last Name of the Recipient or clears if the Last Name isn’t available
  • %%LIST_ID%% – this will insert a hashed List ID
  • %%ONLINE%% – Inserts the URL of the View Online Page
  • %%POST_TITLE%% – The Title of the First Post. Circupress will pull the Subject Line from the TITLE element in the template herder. This variable is typically used there
  • %%SIDEBAR%% – The Sidebar HTML Content
  • %%UNSUB%% – Inserts the entire CAN-SPAM Compliant Unsubscribe required information block. This area will inherit any formatting from its’ enclosing element
  • %%SOCIAL%%, %%SOCIAL_LEFT%% and %%SOCIAL_RIGHT%% – Dynamically builds and inserts your social sharing icons based on whether or not you inserted values on the Accounts page

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