On Demand Emails

On Demand EmailsNeed to send an email out to your subscribers right away? Perhaps you have an offer, an event coming up or a support email to send out.

As easy as you wrote your last blog post with WordPress, you can write an email with CircuPress! Just click on Add New in the CircuPress menu and you’ll see your familiar editor. Click the Preview button and you’ll see the email (and can send yourself a test), or click Schedule Email and away it goes! CircuPress takes your content and sends it out for you! Go to the All Emails grid and you can see all the stats associated with your email – Sent, Opened, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Bounced and Abuse Reports.

Videos in Email

videoOnly about half of all emails that go out are read in an email client that allows videos to be watched. That’s a huge problem, especially when your latest post is written totally around the content within a video. All of those subscribers who don’t have support for video just see a big blank hole in your email! We thought that sucked so we did something really cool! If your video is hosted on Vimeo or YouTube, we replace the video embed code with a screenshot from the video and a play button. So – regardless of email client, when they click play a new window is opened with the video playing.

How cool is that?

Daily Digests

Weekly DigestWhat if you didn’t even have to click publish to send out a daily email with all of your latest blog posts? That’s difficult or nearly impossible to do with any email service provider – but not with CircuPress! Set up your template and you’re done! CircuPress takes your content and sends out a beautiful email every day for you!

What if you didn’t write any posts? No worries – we don’t send out anything (except a note to you to let you know that nothing was sent). NOTE: Since pricing is by email, sending a lot of daily and on demand emails can drive up your email sends each month so be careful! It’s a great feature when you need it, though, and a cool option for your subscribers!

Subscription Forms

Subscription FormsThose email providers always provide crap forms that never look good on your site, don’t they? Well, we didn’t mess around with CircuPress. We developed a widget you can easily drag and drop into your sidebar (with both a horizontal and vertical layout), a shortcode so you can embed your forms right in your pages or posts, or a template function to place the form directly in your theme.

Customize the title, the message and even the button on your forms to your taste. And keep count of your subscribers directly in your dashboard – add, update, remove and keep count of how large your following is growing. Oh, and you can download the list whenever you’d like!

Weekly Digests

Daily DigestNeed a weekly newsletter without any effort? We have you covered with our weekly digest. Select a template, select the day you’d like your newsletter to go out, update your header, and away it goes! This could take weeks of programming with a typical email service provider – but not with CircuPress! CircuPress takes your content and sends out a beautiful email every week for you!

And once again, if you didn’t write any posts, CircuPress won’t send anything (except a note to you to let you know that nothing was sent).


can-spam-compliantBecause we actually send the email from our cloud infrastructure, we’re able to monitor and improve your ability to get your emails to your subscribers’ inbox. We currently have two outbound mail servers running and our SenderScores continue to be outstanding.