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CircuPress Has Delivered Millions of WordPress Newsletters Successfully!

Love, love, love this email plugin. It’s so much better than what the email service providers have. It’s inexpensive and I never have to even click send to get my weekly newsletter out!

Wendy Russell,

I can’t believe everything this plugin can do out of the box already. If you’re familiar with WordPress, you can start rocking your email marketing efforts immediately.

Jason Bean,

We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved with the CircuPress launch. I’m already saving hundreds of dollars per month.

Douglas Karr, Marketing Technology Blog and CircuPress Co-founder

When we sent those first emails, it was quite a rush. Now we’ve sent over a million and the idea we had a few years ago is now a reality with CircuPress.Adam Small, Digital Home Info and CircuPress Co-founder

Adam Small, Digital Home Info and CircuPress Co-founder

CircuPress Plugin Stats

Version: 2.51
Requires WordPress: 3.5.0
Tested to WordPress: 4.9.18
Average Rating: 3.8/5 (8 ratings)

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