New Email Rendering Engine is LIVE!

A big piece of the challenge of sending blog posts through email is that email clients do not honor HTML like your browsers do. Rendering style elements get especially challenging. Some email clients honor some elements and not others. If you think I’m kidding – check out Campaign Monitor’s Guide to CSS Support. It’s absolutely ridiculous how everything renders differently. Add responsive design so they look good in mobile browsers and it complicates things even worse.

One of the reasons why we haven’t billed anyone at this point has been because some of the emails haven’t been rendering as well as we would like. That is officially fixed!

If you want a fancy-shmancy template from a site like Themeforest (make sure it’s responsive) or Email Monks (who will include a cross-browser test from Litmus).

If you want to see what the capabilities are of a really complex template, sign up for the Marketing Technology Blog newsletter and take a look.

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