New Click Tracking Infrastructure

We learned quickly as we were working on the platform that if we took the database down temporarily for system updates, it also impacted the subscriber’s ability to click through on a link. With any email service provider, the way reporting works on click-throughs is that the link in the email is replaced with a URL where we can capture the click. Once we capture the click, the subscriber is redirected to the appropriate URL.

Unfortunately, the link had to be looked up in the database to redirect properly. This is no longer the case with CircuPress. Now we store all click data in the cloud without any need for a database lookup. To date, we’ve produced over 34 million redirects and we’re migrating those from the database to the cloud as I write this!

Stay tuned for a new version of the plugin, too! We’ve made a number of improvements and hope to have the new version out this week once testing is completed. Thanks for being part of something special!

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