Please Upgrade Your Plugin to 1.13

We found and corrected some additional issues with this minor version update.  The largest bug was an issue where the widget was auto-submitting upon the page load so folks were getting an error that the email address was missing… without anyone actually clicking submit.  This is now corrected with this version.  If you’re testing locally, you’ll want to refresh your cache so you have the latest JavaScript file loaded!

As well, we made the following improvements and corrections:

  • Alphabetized the template listing on the CircuPress > Editor tag.
  • Corrected an issue where, if no header image was selected on the CircuPress>Editor (Customize Tab), the sidebar content could not be saved nor updated.
  • Corrected an unreported issue where the image path on the CircuPress>Editor (Customize Tab) could be saved with a blank path.

Thanks again for all of the feedback – so many of you are sending email so we’re very happy. Of course, when you sign up for CircuPress, you get these daily updates now – which are sent directly out of WordPress!

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