Test Email Rendering Bug Gone!

You may have noticed that we produced another release to the plugin with some minor updates and support for WordPress 3.9. Be sure to update when you get the opportunity. As well, we fixed an annoying little bug with our test emails today. You may have noticed that the test […]

New Support, New Plugin, and New Billing!

Some great news and updates for you as we continue to enhance CircuPress. We encourage everyone to download the latest plugin, which has a number of changes that will help make the platform easier to send that first email with! The plugin makes finding templates much easier. We used to […]

New Email Rendering Engine is LIVE!

A big piece of the challenge of sending blog posts through email is that email clients do not honor HTML like your browsers do. Rendering style elements get especially challenging. Some email clients honor some elements and not others. If you think I’m kidding – check out Campaign Monitor’s Guide […]

We Goofed – Please Upgrade to 1.16

We’ve been working hard to build the next major version of our plugin. In the meantime, we noticed that we goofed, though. The script we used in the admin panel of WordPress was conflicting with some other admin functionality. For example, if you were running Jetpack Stats, you’d notice that […]

Announcing Plugin 1.14

We marked our latest plugin version a mandatory update. It may not be a requirement for all of our users, but some of you may have noticed some really ugly script when you enabled the plugin. With WordPress, all of the code must be opened and closed properly. We had […]

Please Upgrade Your Plugin to 1.13

We found and corrected some additional issues with this minor version update.  The largest bug was an issue where the widget was auto-submitting upon the page load so folks were getting an error that the email address was missing… without anyone actually clicking submit.  This is now corrected with this […]