Search for Subscribers Updated

In our initial release of our plugin, you could not search for a subscriber by partial name or domain. Well, now you can! We’ve update the interface so that you can search for the full text or partial text of an email address. Just type a few characters in and […]

Test Email Rendering Bug Gone!

You may have noticed that we produced another release to the plugin with some minor updates and support for WordPress 3.9. Be sure to update when you get the opportunity. As well, we fixed an annoying little bug with our test emails today. You may have noticed that the test […]

We’ve Doubled Capacity!

CircuPress has been growing organically for quite some time and we’re quite proud of the progress! We are testing a subscribe page and are developing a setup wizard and a new base template. Between now and releasing those features, we’ve upgraded our servers to double the capacity of disk space […]

New Support, New Plugin, and New Billing!

Some great news and updates for you as we continue to enhance CircuPress. We encourage everyone to download the latest plugin, which has a number of changes that will help make the platform easier to send that first email with! The plugin makes finding templates much easier. We used to […]

Outlook and Email Image Resizing

Oh Outlook… how I despise you. As we’ve been fine-tuning our email templates, we noticed that whenever anyone opened our emails in Outlook, the images were full size despite the setting of the height and width of our email images. So frustrating… but there’s as with everything else in WordPress, […]

New Click Tracking Infrastructure

We learned quickly as we were working on the platform that if we took the database down temporarily for system updates, it also impacted the subscriber’s ability to click through on a link. With any email service provider, the way reporting works on click-throughs is that the link in the […]

Free Email for WordPress?

Well, sort of. We’re getting feedback from clients and agencies that they need time behind a trial period to set up their email template and get CircuPress off the ground. Why would we charge people if they’re not actually sending email to their subscribers yet? Well… we shouldn’t. So we […]

New Email Rendering Engine is LIVE!

A big piece of the challenge of sending blog posts through email is that email clients do not honor HTML like your browsers do. Rendering style elements get especially challenging. Some email clients honor some elements and not others. If you think I’m kidding – check out Campaign Monitor’s Guide […]