How Do Shortcodes Work with CircuPress?

In the latest version of CircuPress, we’ve added shortcode support so that your email isn’t delivered with the shortcode displayed within the content. That makes for some ugly emails and can also cause rendering issues with some email clients. We found this out with our own site. A shortcode may […]

Template Substitution Strings

There are times when you need to add dynamic information into your CircuPress templates. We use an approach similar to other platforms where you can insert a string encapsulated in percentage signs to be inserted at time of delivery. Our substitution strings are: %%EMAIL%% – this will insert the subscribers […]

How Do I Display a Form using a Shortcode?

Our shortcode is pretty simple! Horizontal display (for across a page or on a slider or navigation bar on the page): [circupress buttontext=”Subscribe!” layout=”horizontal” style=”width:500px”]Subscribe to our Newsletter:[/circupress] Vertical display (for down a page): [circupress buttontext=”Subscribe!” layout=”vertical” style=”width:500px”]Subscribe:[/circupress] Note that you can change the text of the button as well […]

External Subscription Form Posts

While we have both the form in a widget format and shortcode, we’ve also added the ability to add a subscriber from an external site. We have newsletter signups on domains other than our own to build our subscriber base. If you’d like to do this, you’ll need to build […]

Where Are My Email Template Files?

Your email template files are found in the directory: wp-content/uploads/circupress_template Why do we put the templates there? We will be updating the plugin on a regular basis to fix bugs and enhance the CircuPress email service. If we stored the templates in the theme or plugin folders, they would be overwritten […]

Installation Guide

Installing CircuPress is simple – no need for any special scripting or anything. Search for CircuPress in the plugin directory and click install. Activate the CircuPress plugin. Sign up for a CircuPress Account. Go to CircuPress menu in your WordPress dashboard and fill in the wizard we provide.