Alternative to Feedburner Emails

Feedburner powered millions of sites and hundreds of thousands of email programs for those sites. It wasn’t the best system – but it was fantastic because your visitors could subscribe to your email and be notified whenever you wrote a new post.

We set out to make it even easier than Feedburner to setup your email program, though. Feedburner still required that you copy and paste subscription forms into your site, or that you installed a plugin if you found one that worked well. The form was messy and difficult to customize… the email layout was horrible.

Hopefully, you’ll find that we fixed the issue and did a much more seamless job of integrating email to your WordPress blog. CircuPress is just a single plugin to download and install – and just an API key that you copy and paste to enable sending. Customization can be as simple as adding a header image – or you can design your own template altogether.

I hope you find us a great alternative to Feedburner emails!