Alternative to SendPress

If you’ve not seen SendPress, it’s quite a beautiful email plugin. The only shortcoming we believe it has is that it requires a third-party to actually send the email. So, instead of working only in WordPress, now you’re working with 3 vendors… WordPress, SendPress and your Email Service.  For 40% less (not including an email provider), you’re going to get everything you need right within CircuPress.

Some additional features you’ll find on CircuPress rather than SendPress:

  • We send the email, no need to find and pay another vendor.
  • Our system is fully CAN-SPAM compliant, you can’t send emails out of CircuPress without an unsubscribe link.
  • We send scheduled daily and weekly emails with your content in them.
  • We support YouTube and Vimeo videos in the content, replacing them with images and a play button so every email reader can open them.
  • Bounce management works out of the box.
  • Our templating matches WordPress so experienced users can design, customize and implement their own template designs.
  • Everyone is an affiliate with CircuPress. If you bring us customers, we’ll credit your account or even pay you!

We give a 30 day trial so be sure to try both of us!