Alternative to Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one heck of an email provider! We used them for years – and some of our clients still use them for their marketing efforts. But setting up a WordPress blog to automatically send emails out of Mailchimp can be quite the hassle. First, you have to add an RSS email type and then learn how to program your feed into their templating system. Ugh… it took forever for us to figure it out.

And we were simply tired of managing two systems for our content. Why wouldn’t we just manage our content in one, single interface that were were already used to using? That’s why we built CircuPress. We wanted our friends, our family and you to be able to just install a plugin and be ready to send email!

Even then, we’re still providing the flexibility for our users to customize their templates – just as they would have with their MailChimp account! The exception, of course, is that ours is written just like a regular WordPress theme template. And best of all… we’re not taking all your bananas.