Abuse Reporting is Live on Your Email Stats!

You can now view if any of the emails that you’ve sent out have been reported as SPAM or added to a Junk filter in the interface. We have been collecting this data since our first send but hadn’t been reporting it in the administrative interface until now as it required a bit of development.

Email Abuse Report

Be sure that you have permission to send to all of your subscribers and ask them to add your reply email address to their contact list to avoid getting filtered into the SPAM folder. In this case, it’s not that you were filtered – it’s that you were actually reported for SPAM.

Don’t freak out. Many email service providers go insane over this number but it’s fairly typical to have a few subscribers out there that abuse the abuse button and report your email as SPAM even though they opted into the email! Our clients don’t get in trouble unless we see a significant and/or repeated SPAM counts on their sends. If you begin to see this number climb, you may want to update your account settings to remind them how they were added to your list.

If you’d ever like to actually monitor your inbox percentage, contact us and we can help!

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